Research and Applications

Automation is at the core of the modern society. Pattern Recognition is the scientific discipline which deals with theories and methodologies for designing machines capable to automatically recognise "objects" in noisy environments. Pattern Recognition and Applications Lab's mission is the development of solid theories tailored to solve practical and real problems and mainly aimed to create “Secure systems for security applications”; for this reason, since its foundation in 1996, the laboratory has chosen a name focused on real applications.

The lab carries out its activities according to four highly interdependent lines:
- Development of theories to solve problems of fundamental research (Basic Issues);
- Application of these theories to solve practical problems (Practical Issues), in the research domains of Videosurveillance, Computer Security, Biometrics, Document and Multimedia Classification and Categorization;
- Testing and validation of the proposed solutions on "real" data (In Vivo Experiments);
- Development of prototypes and demonstrators, through which the results of basic research are translated into functional products (Prototypes & Demos).

Pra Lab's staff work through different operating units, but in a highly interdisciplinary way, sharing methodological and theoretical approaches, to reflect and implement at best the lab's philosophy: "There is nothing more practical than a good theory" (Kurt Lewin).