Online Crimes, get the software that scours the Web

25/02/2014 -
Milan, February 25 (Reuters) – A sentry computer capable of detecting malware and potentially dangerous situations and to launch the alert ahead of potentially infringing content, without violating the rights of citizens, thus keeping the network clean and safe.
With this idea a working group composed of the University of Milano-Bicocca, the University of Cagliari, by the University Naukowa The Polish Akademicka Siec Komputerowa and by the Swedish company Netclean Technologies – in collaboration with the Financial Police and the Police Postal and Communication – was awarded a grant of 400 thousand Euros by the European Commission, the European Programme Prevention of and Fight against Crime.

ILLBuster (Illegal activities Buster), the name of the software is a system designed to prevent and suppress the spread of malware – software that is potentially dangerous to our computers – and phishing (the systems to steal data access sites we use), reporting in real-time threats to the competent authorities. Will be able to find on the Net child abuse content, respecting the rights of the users who surf without committing any unlawful act.

The idea, according to the researchers of the University of Milan, is to produce, within two years, an automatic system that bishops in the network potentially harmful content. "We want to get to create a program in which law enforcement agencies can keep the network clean and intervene when necessary – explains Rossetti – but which respects by design, ie, how it is designed, the rights of Internet users. Why the Police Post and the Guardia di Finanza are partners in the project. "

"For us the most interesting and innovative project – continues Rossetti – is to run the software in a form that complies with the legal rules and of the individual European states. For this reason, the program will choose to deal with what was found on the Net without In no way use personal navigators.

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