Multimodal Biometric tool

Here a tool for multimodal biometric identity verification is described. The tool is based on facial and fingerprint verification techniques that can be used either as single biometrics or within a multimodal fusion modality, where, after evaluating the face and fingerprint samples independently, a unique score is computed to take them into account together. Aim of this approach is to give the system robustness and whenever is possible accuracy.

During enroll stage a snapshot of the user's face and a fingerprint sample are taken, processed and stored into a database. The system uses this data to compute two data structures, namely a face template and a fingerprint template, containing only the distictive features extracted from face and finger. Templates are strictly linked with the use trough a userName, which is also stored in the database along with the templates.

During verification user ha to declare an identity. New biometric samples are taken and processed to produce a pair of patterns. The patterns are data structure containing distintive features extracted from the new biometric samples and therefore can be compared to the templates belonging to the declared identity. Two comparison are made and the results are two scores reppresenting the degree of similarity between the user and the declared identity. Fusion module properly combines the two scores into one. If the fusion score is above a decision threshold user is accepted (genuine user), otherwise is rejected (impostor).

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