Mansour Ahmadi

PhD student

My originality goes back to Davan – a small village which is located 150km of Shiraz, Fars, Iran – with hard-working and successful people. I received my bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics from Sistan & Baluchestan University in 2007 and my master degree in software engineering from Azad University, Arak branch in 2011.

I have more than five years experience as instructor in university and have more than four years experience as software developer in Iran. In 2014, I joined to University of Cagliari, Italy for pursuing Ph.D. under supervision of Dr. Giorgio Giacinto and still learning new things every day after almost a decade of training and professional work.

The main motivation of selecting University of Cagliari is its Pattern Recognition and Applications lab which is fabulous in the development of secure systems by applying pattern recognition.

Research Interests: Computer security, Machine learning, Data mining, Computational linguistics