Fingerprint and face liveness detection

Fingerprint liveness detection is one of the most active research topic in which PRA Lab is involved.

It has been shown since from 2002 that fingerprint can be replicated using artificial materials. PRA Lab has developed a high-level skill on replicating fingerprints by very common materials, thus obtaining finger replica whose characteristic are similar to those of the finger skin and can deceive a standard fingerprint recognition system if it is not equipped of a particular liveness detection algorithm.

PRA Lab proposed several algorithms for detecting the fingerprint liveness which are competitive with those in the literature. PRA Lab also co-organizes the Fingeprint Liveness Detection Competition, which was at its third edition in 2013, also known as “LivDet”, hosted in prestigious international conferences. Several academic and industrial participants have been competitors at the last LivDet edition, showing a great interest in the final results presented at the International Conference on Biometrics (ICB 2013). PRA Lab also participated to the ICB 2013 – Spoofing Challenge where the PRA Lab demo has been challenged with fake fingerprints provided by participants.

Thanks to the cooperation with Ra.C.I.S., namely, Raggruppamento Carabinieri Investigazioni Scientifiche, which is the Scientific Investigation Office of Arma dei Carabinieri in Italy, PRA Lab developed a tool for fingerprint processing and enhancement, including some algorithms to detect spoofs from latent fingerprint images.

Finally, PRA Lab has designed some algorithms for the fake face detection problem (a face recognition system can be deceived by submitting a simple picture in front of the camera). These algorithms have been used for a demo developed by PRA Lab members.

Fingerprint images coming from a live (left side) and a fake
finger (right side), almost indistinguishable.

A possible way to derive a fake finger from a person.

One of fingerprint liveness detection feature proposed by
PRA Lab, based on the concept of “power spectrum”.
Fake fingers provided by PRA Lab for the ICB 2013
Spoofing Challenge. On the background, the main window
of the proof-of-concept system based on fingerprint
recognition, integrated with the fingerprint liveness
detection algorithm developed at PRA Lab.