Kathrin Grosse

Kathrin Grosse received her Bachelor’s degree in cognitive science in 2013 from Osnabrueck university (Germany). During her Bachelor’s, she spent five months at Universidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina), visiting the group of Prof. Guillermo Simari, where she worked on opinion mining in social networks. After her Bachelor’s, she moved to Saarland university where she received her Master's degree in computer science in 2016 working on language mining with Dr Jilles Vreeken. She then got interested in adversarial machine learning and started her PhD in this topic under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Backes at CISPA Helmholtz Center. During her PhD, she interned with IBM in 2019 and Disney Research in 2020/21. She was further nominated as an AI Newcommer in context of the German Federal Ministry of Education Research’s Science Year 2019. After completing her PhD in 2021, she is now a Post-Doc at the PRALab at the university of Cagliari, Italy.

Dr. Grosse’s research interest evolves around general machine leaning security, where she published works on evasion, poisoning, membership inference and adversarial initialization. Recently, she extended her research interests to the perception of ML users on ML security.

Research Interests: Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Adversarial Machine Learning.