Image Hunter

Content-Based Image Retrieval Tool

Image Hunter is a prototype Content Based Image Retrieval system joint developed with the Ambient Intelligence Laboratory (Sardegna Ricerche). The system performs Query by Example searches, that can be interactively refined by Relevance Feedback mechanisms.
In general, this first stage doesn't provide high relevant results because it is an hard task to model the similarity semantic through low level visual features. At this stage the user can submit to the system a feedback, this feedback rappresentes the relevance of the image with respect of the semantic desidered. The system implements two degrees of relevance: relevant, not relevant.
An online demo is availlable at the following red button. This demo cointains some images taken from the Sardegna Digital Library.
These relevance degrees are subdued to the system that, after a computation, rearrange the researce previously made in a way to present to the user more relevant images. In this way it is possible to find similar images in tagged images databases, and, above all, in not-tagged images databases or with meaningless keyword.