Head Pose Estimation

This tool is a new face and facial features detector which is able to evaluate the orientation of the head in the three-dimensional space through the measure of Euler angles (Roll, Yaw, Pitch).
3D head pose estimation is performed by using informations until now supposed to be not enough, such as just eyes and nose tip coordinates.
This result is obtained using a novel geometric approach based on the definition of a semi-rigid model of frontal face, which uses golden section in order to approximate proportions among various facial points.
This kind of head pose estimation brings several advantages compared to the other suggested approaches, such as:

  1. It's hardware independent;
  2. It doesn't need calibration of the scene;
  3. It needs a minimum number of informations as opposed to other methods (3 instead of 5);
  4. His output it's a continuos level and isn't a discrete orientation estimation, and consequently can be used as index for face assessment operations based on frontality evaluation;
  5. It's accurate enough for a wide range of head rotations;
  6. It allows to define heuristics that can be used to improve the performances of facial features detectors.

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