Fingerprint liveness detection and recognition tool

This tool has been presented at ICB 2013, and allows the verification of a person's claimed identity by fingerprint recognition. The tool is characterized by the liveness detection module, which, if turned on, is able to detect a fake fingerprint, that is, if the system is under a spoofing attack.
In the figure below, the fingerprint image belonging to the claimed identity is selected by clicking the "Claimed ID" button. This image is compared with the one shown in correspondence with the "Acquire and Verify" button.
The "Match Score" bar on the right indicates the level of similarity between the two fingerprints. The identity is verified if this level is above a given threshold.
The "Liveness Detection" button, also on the right, enables or disables the “Liveness Detector”. If this is active, the "Liveness Score" bar appears. This indicates the fingerprint liveness level, namely, the probability that it is not an artificial replica.

Anyone wishing to see (and test) the tool must contact the PRA lab and in particular the “Reference people” below.