Fingerprint Forensic Tool

Fingerprint Forensic Tool (FFT) has been firstly developed in the context of a joint research work between the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Cagliari, and the Raggruppamento Carabinieri Investigazioni Scientifiche (Scientific Investigation Office) of the "Arma dei Carabinieri", that is the militia maintained by the Italian government for police duties. Aim of the joint research work has been the study of state of the art on methods and algorithms for automatic analysis of fingerprint images and for fake fingerprints identification. The result of this research has been the development of a prototype software tool, whose aim is to help the human expert in analyzing latent fingerprints collected during investigations.This software, currently under improvement, exhibits several features which are non contained in standard Automatic Fingerprint IDentification Systems (AFISs) tools.

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