Events 2016

After the success of the previous editions, the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Cagliari will hold the fourth edition of the school on computer security and privacy. Lecturers of the school are among the most distinguished computer security researchers and professionals:

  • Aylin Caliskan-Islam, Princeton University, USA
  • Michel Van Eeten, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
  • Lorenzo Cavallaro, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
  • Fabian Yamaguchi, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany
  • Miguel P. Correia, Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa, Portugal
  • Fabio Massacci, University of Trento, Italy
  • Enrico Frumento, CEFRIEL, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Marco Morana, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy at Citi, USA
  • Matteo Meucci, Founder and President of the OWASP Italian Chapter
  • Battista Biggio, University of Cagliari, Italy



CyberROAD Project Final Event, May 25th: "Future Challenges in Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism Research: the CyberROAD perspective".

CyberROAD organizes its final event "Future Challenges in Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism Research: the CyberROAD perspective" at the Auditorium of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, University of Cagliari - Piazza d'Armi, Cagliari, Italy on May 25th, 2016.

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CyberROAD (Development of the Cybercrime and Cyber-terrorism Research Roadmap) is a project funded by the European Commission, under the Seventh Framework Programme. Cyber criminal activities are reported to be continuously growing and are negatively impacting the development of the European society and economy, and are pervasively affecting all the aspects of our daily lifes. Even though the level of awareness of cyber threats has increased, and Law Enforcement acts globally to fight against them, illegal profits have reached unsustainable figures. In addition to the economic reasons, however, cyber crime often hides other political and social motivations.
In order to help coordinate the European efforts in the fight against cyber crime and cyber terrorism, the CyberROAD project has identified 19 research topics on which Europe should concentrate resources to increase its security and resilience, organizing them in strategic roadmap for Cyber Security Research.
The CyberROAD project has been implemented by a consortium of 20 international partners, involved in the fight against Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism. Members include representatives from Academia and Research, Industry, Government and NGOs across Europe.

9:30-10:05Networking Welcome Coffee
10:05-10:55Opening Remarks - The CyberROAD Project Experience
 The CyberROAD project Fabio Roli, University of Cagliari
 The CyberROAD roadmap Enrico Frumento, CEFRIEL
 Selected Research Topics from CyberROAD: Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism Research Topics, Piotr Kijewski, NASK
 Selected Research Topics from CyberROAD: Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism Research Topics, Jart Armin, CyberDefcon
 The Joint CAMINO/COURAGE/CYBERROAD roadmap, Ben Brewster (CENTRIC - Sheffield Hallam University, COURAGE Project)
12:25-13:55Networking Buffet Lunch
 Cybersecurity needs in industry and industrial products, Michele Colaianni, University of Modena e Reggio Emilia
 The Assessment of Systematic Security Risk in Interdependent Systems, Jens Grossklags, Penn State University
15:05-15:15Closing remarks







ILLBuster Final Workshop and Networking Event

The ILLBuster project results will be presented during a final workshop that will take place on January 29, 2016 at TISCALI Auditorium (Tiscali Campus - Loc. Sa Illetta SS 195, Km 2,300 09122 Cagliari, Italy).
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Cyber Security and Intelligence: the ILLBuster Project and Beyond
This worskhop aims at providing an overview on the current cyber security and cyber intelligence issues, showing some concrete examples on how the research community, financial institutions, law enforcement agencies, and companies are addressing the problem.

Agenda of the workshop

  • 9.30      Networking welcome coffee
  • 10.00    Opening remarks
The ILLBuster Project Experience - Fabio Roli and Giuseppe Vaciago - Moderator: Stefano Ricci, University of Milan - Bicocca
  • 10:30    Project achievements and lessons learned, Fabio Roli, University of Cagliari
  • 11.00    Towards a technology-aware law: the ILLBuster experience, Giuseppe Vaciago, Tech and Law
  • 11.30    LEA Awards
Moderator: Davide Ariu, University of Cagliari
  • 11.45    The European fight against cybercrime - Aldona Trela, Europol EC3
  • 12.15    Italian Research on Cyber Intelligence and Information Security - Roberto Baldoni, director of Cyber Security National Laboratory
  • 12.45    Networking buffet lunch
Moderator: Juliusz Brzostek, NASK
  • 14.15    Giving the bad guys no sleep - Raj Samani, Intel Security
  • 14.45    Making threat intelligence actionable for securing financial services from cyber attacks - Marco Morana, SVP CITIGROUP
  • 15.15    Closing remarks

Workshop Abstract
ILLBuster is the acronym of a research project funded by the European Commission, DG-HOME, with the goal of developing an integrated information system for the semi-automatic discovery of illegal activities over the Internet.
The project has been running for 2 years, and now it is proud to report the achieved results to the public with a half-day networking event open to selected companies, stakeholders, research centres. The agenda also casts a glance beyond the ILLBuster experience by a selected number of invited talks of stakeholders and scientists involved in the arms race to develop proactive security tools for the fight against cybercrime.