Events 2015

European Cyber Security Month. Creating a Culture of Cyber Security at Work, October 8, 2015

The University of Cagliari will host the event Creating a Culture of Cyber Security at Work. It is part of ECSM - European Cyber Security Month, and it will take place in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Aula Magna, Piazza d'Armi, Cagliari, 5.00 PM - 7.00 PM.

ECSM is an European Union advocacy campaign that takes place every year in October. ECSM aims to promote cyber security among citizens, to change their perception of cyber-threats and provide up to date security information, through education and sharing good practices.

Program of the event:

Prof. Giorgio Giacinto, Information Security at work: risks and countermeasures.
Partecipants and topics:

Privacy in the Information Age - Legal aspects of Computer Scurity at work - Phishing - Mobile Security - Web and Social networks security at work- The European research on Cyber Security: the European projects ILLBuster, CyberROAD and DOGANA - Biometric recognition - Fake fingerprints and liveness detection




The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Cagliari in cooperation with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Clarkson University is proud to announce the fourth edition of the Fingerprint Liveness Detection Competition, that will be hosted by BTAS 2015 - 7th IEEE International Conference on Biometrics. The goal of the competition is to compare different methodologies for software-based fingerprint liveness detection with a common experimental protocol and data set.



Security Summit is the event dedicated to security information and information systems, which registered an amazing success during last years’ editions thanks to in depth examinations on the most important technologies for ICT security and high value contents. Security Summit - Cagliari is organized by CLUSIT, The Italian Association for Information Security and Astrea, Marketing and communication agency specialized in organizing events b2b, with the partnership of University of Cagliari, Sardegna Ricerche, Tiscali, and the sTATA (secure Technologies Against Targeted Attacks) project.

It will take place on July 8, Tiscali Auditorium, Cagliari, 9 a.m - 18 p.m.
Security Summit’s attendance is free but website registration and event registration are required.



MCS 2015 is the twelfth edition of the well-established series of meetings providing the leading international forum for the discussion of issues in multiple classifier systems and ensemble methods. The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from diverse communities concerned with this topic, including pattern recognition, machine learning, neural network, data mining and statistics.

MCS 2015 will be held on June 29 - July 1, 2015, at Reisensburg Castle (Günzburg, Germany) research center of the University of Ulm. The official website of the workshop is available.