Davide Maiorca

Assistant Professor

Short CV. Davide Maiorca received from the University of Cagliari the Master of Science degree in Electronic Engineering  (final mark: 110/110 magna cum laude) in 2012 and the Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science in 2016.  His Ph. D. thesis was recognized by the CLUSIT (Italian Association For Computer Security) as one of the best Computer Security Italian theses in 2016. He has been working at PraLAB since 2012, and he currently holds a position as Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering at the University of Cagliari. His research fields include the analysis and detection of malware in documents and multimedia applications (e.g., PDF, Microsoft Office, Flash), the detection of Android malware, and Adversarial Machine Learning.  From November 2013 to April 2014, he was a Visiting Student at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, in the System Security group guided by Prof. Dr. Thorsten Holz, where he worked on reverse engineering techniques for Android applications. From January to February 2020, he has been Visiting Researcher at the Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic).

Dr. Maiorca has been serving as a Program Committee member and reviewer for international conferences and journals. He has covered the role of Project Manager at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in various projects funded by the Regional Sardinian Administration together with the Innovery SpA company (PISDAS - Piattaforma Integrata Servizi Digitali Avanzati Sicuri; INCLOSEC - Servizi Innovativi di Sicurezza In Cloud; INN-BEDAE - Innovery Big Energy Data Analytics Efficiency). From 2013 to 2015, he was the chair of the IEEE Cagliari Student Branch and of its Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society (SMC) Chapter. Since 2020, he is responsible for the CyberChallenge.it project for the University of Cagliari.  

Since 2019, he has been teaching the Web Security & Malware Analysis course (Master of Science in Computer Engineering, CyberSecurity, and Artificial Intelligence). Besides, he also works as a technical consultant for legal activities, and he is co-lecturer of the Computer Forensics Techniques course (Master Degree in Computer Engineering, CyberSecurity, and Artificial Intelligence).

He is a member of IEEE, Computer Society, SMC, ACM, and CVPL (ex-GIRPR - Gruppo Italiano Ricercatori Pattern Recognition).

Full CV (last update: 03/08/2020)