Computer Security

Web Security

Today, the World Wide Web is the principal infrastructure for the exchange of information worldwide, and consequently web users and server-side applications are the most popular target of cyber-criminals. PRA Lab develops proactive, automatic defences against attacks that target web applications, web servers, and web users.


Malware Detection

Malware is still one of the most critical issues in computer security. Modern malware target Personal Computers, Smartphones and Tablets through different file types. Leveraging on machine learning algorithms, PRA Lab developed advanced solutions for detecting malware, including the ones not yet detected by Antivirus.


Cyber Intelligence

Detection of modern threats in complex IT systems is challenging, especially in the case of targeted and carefully crafted attacks. We develop security intelligence and analytics solutions that leveraging on machine learning and pattern recognition approaches, enable the early detection of advanced threats.


Spam Filtering

PRA Lab effort in spam filtering focused on “image-based spam”. It is a trick that consists of embedding the spam message into attached images, to prevent its detection by text-based filters. We embedded our techniques into two plug-ins (BayesOCR, Image Cerberus) of the widely used open source SpamAssassin spam filter.