Something about Biometrics: introduction to this research area

PRA Lab works on biometric recognition systems since 2001. PRA Lab has gained a significant experience on fingerprint and face recognition systems especially.

Biometric recognition systems are based on physiological or behavioural human characteristics, namely, the so-called “biometrics”, which are claimed to be unique, universal and permanent. They may be acquired by electronic sensors with or without the subject cooperation.

Fingerprint, face, iris, retina, palmprint and hand are typical physiological biometrics, whilst voice, key-stroke dynamic, gait are behavioural biometrics.

Biometric identification is done as follows. An identification number or string is associated to each person. The biometric is acquired and process as a signal. Processing is aimed to extract a set of measurements (“features set”) which point out its uniqueness. This feature set is compared with that, named “template”, stored on a smart-card or to a centralized database, in order to compute the match score, that is, a similarity value.

PRA Lab has investigated the following topics on biometric recognition:


A biometric recognition system based on fingerprint and face traits.