Biologin is a software for the verification (authentication) of the personal identity, which is connected with the operating system’s modules of personal authentication. Current version of BioLogin works on  the Debian-based Linux version. BioLogin allows to substitute the usual password at the Linux login, with the recognition of the user’s face.

This tool works according to two modalities:

  • Enrolment, where the user register his/her personal details and also releases some reference images of his/her own face. The face is acquired by a simple web-cam connected to the user’s personal computer;
  • Verification, where the user requires the access to the system by submission of his/her face instead of the password.

Technical details about the operating system, installation and use of the tool can be found in this "Technical guide for the use of Biologin".

Linux-Debian installation files of BioLogin:


A Windows-based version of BioLogin is also available. It is called BioID because it does not substitute the password at the Windows login. BioID is an independent application which shows the potentialities, advantages and drawbacks, of a personal identification system based on the facial traits, thus allowing the user to become familiar with this fascinating technology.

Windows-based installation files of BioID: