Video Surveillance and Ambient Intelligence

Person Re-Identification

Person Re-Identification is a challenging computer vision task that can provide useful tools for many security applications of video-surveillance, for example on-line tracking of individuals over different, non-overlapping cameras, and off-line retrieval of the video sequences containing an individual of interest, whose image is given as a query.


People Search with Textual Queries on Clothing Appearance

It is a recent computer vision task, related to person re-identification. It consists of retrieving images of individuals that match a textual query describing the clothing appearance. This can be useful, e.g., in forensic video analysis, when only textual descriptions of individuals of interest, given by witnesses, can be available.



Crowd Couting and Density Estimation

Crowd couting systems allow estimating the number of people in a crowd by analyzing one or more consecutive frames from footage taken by a video surveillance system or mobile cameras placed to monitor public order in short duration events. Applications: monitor the number of people at events, avoid overcrowding in confined spaces, monitor crowds and the flow of groups of individuals.