Template update methods in adaptive biometric systems: a critical review

TitleTemplate update methods in adaptive biometric systems: a critical review
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsRattani, A, Freni, B, Marcialis, GL, Roli, F
EditorTistarelli, M
Conference Name3rd International Conference on Biometrics
Date Published02/06/2009
Conference LocationAlghero (Italy)
Keywordsbio04, biometrics

Template representativeness is a fundamental problem in a biometric recognition system. The performance of the system degrades if the enrolled templates are un-representative of the substantial intra-class variations encountered in the input biometric samples. Recently, several template updates methods based on supervised and semi-supervised learning have been proposed in the literature with an aim to update the enrolled templates to the intra-class variations of the input data. However, the state of art related to template update is still in its infancy. This paper presents a critical review of the current approaches to template updating in order to analyze the state of the art in terms of advancement reached and open issues remain.

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