Marco Melis

Research Fellow

Marco Melis received from the University of Cagliari the PhD in Electronic and Computer Engineering (cum laude) in 2021 disputing the thesis "Explaining Vulnerability of Machine Learning to Adversarial Attacks", supervisors Prof. Fabio Roli and Dr. Ing. Battista Biggio. He also received from the University of Cagliari the Master of Science degree in Electronic Engineering (final mark: 110/110 magna cum laude) in 2017 disputing the graduation thesis "Super-Sparse Learning in Similarity Spaces" (journal article), supervisors Dr. Ing. Battista Biggio and Dr. Ing. Luca Didaci.

From July 2014 is a PraLab fellow, working on Machine Learning for Pattern Recognition and Adversarial Machine Learning. He is also a consultant for DevOps and Git Development Workflows.





E-mail: marco.melis (at)